In 2015, North Simcoe Victim Services partnered with local police services to participate in Operation Northern Spotlight, an initiative to fight human trafficking by supporting sex trafficking victims.

Human Trafficking Q & A

with Frances Yarbrough, Executive Director of North Simcoe Victim Services
Download HT Q&A – NSVS.

Help us support victims of Human Trafficking – by sponsoring the cost of Human Trafficking Support Kits.

We have developed a victim support kit that helps us provide the care and nurturing that victims so desperately need. The kit contains a variety of items, from clothing and toiletries to snack food and coffee gift cards. The goal is to have a supply of the kits on hand to provide to victims when needed.

We have seen how much they are appreciated and they are an excellent tool to help us to begin to have a positive impact with the victims we encounter. The cost of the NSVS Human Trafficking Support Kits is approximately $100 each.

While NSVS is funded through the Ministry of the Attorney General, the organization relies on fundraising and community donations to support the resources that contribute to the valuable and practical assistance that clients need.

Donations can be made by clicking here.


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